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How To Donate

Donations are tax deductible under Senior Coastsiders (TAX ID 94-3119310), the Fiscal Sponsor for the Village of the Coastside.

Mail a donation to: P.O. Box 1595, El Granada, CA 94018

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How Funds Are Used

Donations make it possible for Village of the Coastside to further our mission of opportunity, choice support and care for older adults.  We plan to expand outreach and capacity for services on the Coastside. 

More than 10,000 Coastsiders are over the age of 50 and this number will continue to grow. VOTC is on the front lines of making sure that aging in place is a viable option on the Coastside. At every opportunity, we advocate for housing, transportation and expanded healthcare options.


A membership organization as robust as the Village of the Coastside can't rely permanently on a volunteer-only staff. Over time, administrative responsibilities lead to burnout and ultimately divert energy from our important organizational mission. 

In 2019, VOTC will hire a part-time Administrative Assistant who will assume some of the day-to-day coordination activities which will free up volunteer time for planning, events, membership and advocacy goals. However, in order to support ongoing staffing, VOTC's funding base must be expanded beyond Membership Fees. 

Village of the Coastside's success depends on the support of the community. 

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