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How To Donate

We need additional funding beyond Membership Fees to support our future programs and services. Donations are tax deductible under Senior Coastsiders (TAX ID 94-3119310), the Fiscal Sponsor for the Village of the Coastside.

Mail a donation to: P.O. Box 1595, El Granada, CA 94018

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How Funds Are Used

Donations make it possible for us to expand outreach and our capacity for services. More than 10,000 Coastsiders are over the age of 50 and this number will continue to grow. We are on the front lines of making sure that aging in place is a viable option.

Advocate for Housing, Transportation and Medical opportunities. We have ongoing meetings with the city of Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County and local health care providers to help them understand the current and future issues. We want to increase our visibility in these areas and provide more information to our members about options.

A membership-driven organization as robust as VOTC can’t rely permanently on only on a volunteer staff. Over time, administrative responsibilities lead to burn out, and divert energy from building programs. One major goal is to hire Administrative Staff and we now have $50,000 goal for hiring someone to take over some of the tasks, like coordinating our Assistance Program and serving as “telephone concierge”. However, to continue that staffing over time we must continue to grow our financial base.

Our Beginnings
Once upon a time - well 2014 to be semi-exact, we had a light bulb moment, Judy Macias attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the new senior campus/housing in Half Moon Bay. It was ideal, close to transportation, walking distance to Main Street and services, small enough to manage when you were old and frail.

Then a couple of people were talking after Pilates Class at our gym in Princeton and the question of housing and transportation came up.  The problem/What can we do? This evolved into a community task force worked for two years researching and planning, finally discovering the national village movement in 2014. Judy attended the Village Network Conference in St. Louis in 2014 and saw that it was a good fit.

We launched The Village of the Coastside Oct. 1, 2016 with this Mission:

  • Promote a vibrant community and a healthy quality of life with neighbors helping neighbors. 
  • Provide social connections, access to services, learning opportunities and activities that enhance wellness while living in a community we love.
  • Created and launched a website, plus Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Grown to a membership of 62
  • 65 people have volunteered to assist in our Services Assistance program; they have provided services like transportation, in-home assistance, and tech support clocking in over 150 service hours
  • Generated and published an Events Calendar with a range of VOTC and other local events
  • Sponsored conversations about housing opportunities, Cannibis for health, emergency preparedness and Old Time Radio. 
  • Hosted get-together events like Village Coffee Break, Happy Hour and Coastside Dining Club - taking advantage of great Coastside venues and menus.
  • Set up a relationship with local teens for provide regular TECH TIPS and training on computers, apps and other devices. 
  • Arranged Hikes/Concerts -
  • Arranged for weekly Pickle Ball games
How We Did It

We are a member managed group and so far a strictly member powered organization.

Fifteen volunteers including an 8-Member Management Committee has managed all aspects of governance: finance - legal - member recruitment - planning events and programs - providing services - fundraising - database management - communications.

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