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An integral piece of Village of the Coastside is volunteerism. A diverse group of skilled volunteers may be available to fulfill a request before referrals are made to commercial service providers.

Volunteers may include Village members, their children, college students, empty nesters, retirees, and many others from our community.

You do not need to be a member to volunteer with Village of the Coastside. There are no minimum time requirements. We conduct a basic orientation for all of our volunteers and provide any necessary specialized training.

In order for Village of the Coastside to maintain a safe and comfortable environment, volunteers who will drive or enter a member's home must pass a background check which the Village will pay for. 

Here are a variety of volunteer opportunities that can use your skills, interests and abilities: 


   "Ride" - Provide transportation to appointments, shopping, events, etc. between Half Moon Bay and Montara.

 Personal Assistance:
  • Run errands
  • Light gardening help
  • Pick up prescription, dry cleaning, other
  • Help with paying bill
  • Help with organizing (ie. calendar)
  • Assist with pet care
  • Home-check when member is away

In Home Assistance:
  • Handyman projects/minor repair
  • Change light bulbs
  • Change fire alarm batteries
  • Take trash/recycling to the curb
  • Assist with laundry
  • Home Safety Check for fall prevention and a safe home

                           Technology Support (computer, phone, tablets, software, social media, dependent on membership demand) - In member’s home or classroom (group) environment 

   Social Support:
  • Just Checking In”-  Phone check-in or Friendly visits
  • “Med Pal”- Assist with preparation for clinical appts, take notes, assist with organizing medications, etc
  • Caregiver relief for short periods

   Social Events and Programs 
  • Assist with organizing local community activities: theater, museum, socials, lecture series, dining out, etc
  • Assist with activities: walks, games, outings, trips

   Concierge service Assist with phone calls from/to members, vendors, volunteers to connect with services and activities

Promote the Village of the Coastside through:
  • Being an ambassador within your organizations or with your neighbors
  • Data entry/ misc. admin. (filing, mailing)
  • Assisting with our newsletters
  • Joining our Marketing, Tech, Fundraising, Volunteer, Membership or Vendor committee/s
You may download an application here and send it to PO Box 1595 El Granada, Ca 94018. (Download will be in your Browser Download section.) For more information about our volunteer programs, give us a call at 650-440-5030, or email our volunteer chair at We’d love to hear from you. 


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Upcoming Events