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What are the types of Membership?
We have two levels of memberships fees. Members - who want to enjoy social connections and activities with a preferred vendor list for convenience, and Members PLUS - for those who need the added services of volunteers. 

Is there an age limit for Village of the Coastside members?
We welcome all adults, age 18 and over. We expect most of our members will be age 55 and up.

Why do your charge for membership?
VOTC is a self-supporting non-profit organization which does not receive subsidies. Every attempt has been made to keep fees as affordable as possible. Each person would need to decide if they feel the benefits of membership are worth that fee. Our rates are comparable or less than most Villages in the Bay area.  We have two levels of memberships fees. Members - who want to enjoy social connections and activities with a preferred vendor list for convenience, and Members PLUS - for those who need the added services of volunteers. Tax deductibility for some portion of the membership fee can be explored with a tax advisor. You may now commit to annual membership and pay monthly by credit card. Subsidized memberships for those who wish to join but cannot afford it, may also be explored in the future.

What are the most significant benefits of membership? 
The primary services that are utilized in most villages are transportation and social interaction. While the value of transportation is clear and measurable, the value of social interaction is possibly greatly underestimated by many people. Studies show that older adults who engage in social activities lead healthier lives and maintain their independence longer. It should also be mentioned that many members will also volunteer, and having volunteer opportunities may provide a great sense of self worth and accomplishment.

How are merchants/vendors be marked as “preferred”?
There will be many factors in approving a vendor, such as: recommendations from members, interviews, and customer and member feedback mechanisms, and vendor commitment, including discount, etc.

What area does VOTC serve?
We will serve members in the communities of Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach and Montara.

Is there a contract between the member and the village?
We have a membership agreement, and Members PLUS are interviewed in their homes to assure that we can provide services. 

If volunteers go inside a member's home to help with light home maintenance, how does the Village assure the safety and privacy of the member? 
In addition to a references and background check, volunteers receive an orientation on appropriate conduct.  Volunteers also sign a confidentiality agreement.

Do you have to be a member to volunteer?
No, you do not need to be a member to volunteer. We welcome volunteers to serve on committees, help with newsletter, or provide services to members. It is all about neighbors helping neighbors!

Do the village services compete with the services offered by the Senior Coastsiders and other organizations?
No, part of the Village service is to make every member more aware of the many services that are already available in their area. The Village will encourage members to participate in all activities in our community. Senior Coasrsiders is our fiscal sponsor and partners with us to provide quality services and events to the community.

Is there liability insurance to cover any mishaps resulting from the actions of a volunteer?
Yes, the volunteer's insurance would be primary, but the Village will also be covered by an umbrella volunteer liability policy provided through our fiscal sponsorship with Senior Coastsiders.

What if a volunteer finds what he perceives to be a medical situation with a member?
A protocol has been written and all volunteers are trained in the
protocol. Basically : If there is an emergency, the volunteer will immediately call 911. All Members PLUS will provide an emergency contact on their application. If a non-emergency, the volunteer will report the situation to the Executive committee for follow up.

Are volunteers vetted?
A criminal background check will be done for any volunteer that goes into a member’s home, as well as a driving record check and verification of automobile insurance for those who provide transportation. VOTC absorbs the cost of the vetting process with Intellicorp.

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