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About Us

Our Mission & Who We are
Village of the Coastside is a nonprofit membership organization that works to sustain and enhance the wellbeing of older adults who wish to remain in their own homes and to be engaged in their community as they age. Our primary goals are to maximize individuals' independence and minimize social isolation.

Village of the Coastside is a community of active older adults who share their knowledge and skills to support each other as we face the challenges and opportunities of aging in place. Our members share social, cultural, educational, and entertainment activities on the Coastside; we also support Member Plus members needing household and personal services.

Why Village of the Coastside Is Needed

As we grow older, we all navigate life transitions. These changes can be difficult, especially if we face them alone. We are more likely to stay in charge of our lives as we age when we are part of a supportive community. Villages offer the opportunity to share challenges, wisdom and resources so that we can age on our own terms. Read Other Reasons Why Village of the Coastside Is Needed.

How We Fulfill Our Mission
Board of Directors
  • Determine Mission & Philosophy.
  • Oversee overall strategy, organizational structure, policies, & procedures.
  • Review Vision, Goals, & Objectives Annually
  • Oversee & ensure implementation of the mission, philosophy strategy, organizational structure, policies, & procedures.
  • Oversee the Teams.
  • Monitor & evaluate VOTC's progress.
Board Members

President: Judy Macias - Vice President: Terry Plank - Finance: Maureen Szostak - Secretary: Sue Santoro - Member: Emily Glines, Joyce Logan, Jeanette Ward, Janet Crist-Whitzel.

The Board of Directors meet every first Monday. Teams also meet monthly.

Our Board and Teams encourage and welcome suggestions and comments. Email

To read our complete organizing document please download it. Download

  • Events and Programs Team: manages Events and Programs. Jeanette Ward
  • Finance Team: oversees VOTC finances, operational budgets and fundraising. Maureen Szostak
  • Messaging & Media Team: identifies branding, messaging, and develops strategies to explain how VOTC meets the needs of older adults. Terry Plank
  • Membership Team: manages all the details regarding Membership including joining process, renewal process, support of members, and managing ongoing evaluation of the Membership process. Emily Glines
  • Tech Team: provides guidance on technology needs and usage to execute the VOTC mission. Terry Plank
  • Service Volunteer and Services Team identifies services and services providers, recruits Service Volunteers, and implements plans for volunteer retention. Jeanette Ward

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